1. Jen Coleman and I had the pleasure of visiting LitMore in Baltimore last weekend. Jen read from her stupendous Krill List, I read from Franklinstein, and we chatted about the ethics of recording our parents—for love and preservation. 


  2. jeandonnelly:

    "Hard to get home; but this is, this travelling

    Rachel Blau DuPlessis

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  3. Saturday, September 27: Join us at the beautiful Philadelphia Art Alliance for our final off-site reading, followed by a celebration of the Philalalia weekend!

    Featuring poets from Furniture Press BooksFuturepoemLeast Weasel, & ixnay press:

    Thomas Devaney
    Samantha Giles
    Daniel J Selah (Daniel Hales)
    Sue Landers
    Alicia Puglionesi
    Nicole Steinberg


  4. The ever-delightful ladies of Rockland Street show us one more way Germantown is special

    More streets in Germantown with brick pavings

    This list is compiled from the Historical Commission’s Philadelphia Historic Street Paving Thematic District Inventory, published in May 1999.

    Red Brick

    • 400 block of Bringhurst Street
      Cross Streets: Laurens and McKean Sts.; between Hansberry St. and Queen Ln.
    • 6300 block of Burbridge Street
      Cross Streets: Washington and Duval Sts.; between McCallum and Greene Sts.
    • 5000 block of Erringer Place
      Cross Streets: Clapier and Manheim Sts.; between Wissahickon and Morris Aves.
    • 5200 block of McKean Avenue
      Cross Streets: Hansberry St. and Queen Ln.; between Morris and Laurens Ln.
    • 6300 block of Moylan Street
      Cross Streets: Washington and Pomona Sts.; between Wayne and Greene Sts.
    • 400 block of Stafford Street
      Cross Streets: Morris St. and Wissahickon Ave.; between Chelten Ave. and Rittenhouse St.
    • 300 block of Zeralda Street
      Cross Streets: Fernhill St. and Pulaski Ave.; between Apsley and Berkley Sts.

    More at Rockland St. Project.

    Photo credit: Emaleigh Doley. September 11, 2014. 


  5. Philly’s small press fair runs from Thursday, September 25 through Saturday the 27th. I’m thrilled to be reading on Saturday at 8pm at the Art Alliance with Thomas Devaney, Samantha Giles, Dan HalesAlicia Puglionesi and Nicole Steinberg


  6. afrosonics:

    Now here’s a book called “Ark of Bones” by Hank Dumas. Now Hank Dumas was one of the most unique writers that America has ever produced, and, uh, he was supposedly killed by a policeman. 

  8. buddhaspalm:


    Children playing at the Kelly Playground at 5326 Pulaski Ave in 1958, when the Queen Lane apartments, seen towering in the background and imploded this morning, were still young.

    (Photo courtesy of PhillyHistory.org)

    this is my neighborhood. three or four blocks away. throughout my life generically and affectionately referred to as “the projects”.

    i wanted to be up early to watch football anyway, but at around 7:15 a couple Sundays ago my alarm clock was the bang-bang-bang-bang of detonating charges. seconds later, like a shuttle taking off in southwest Germantown, the leaden clamor signaling 60 plus years of public housing history reduced to dust.

    maybe the part of the din was the sound of thousands of childhood memories, ohh’s and ahh’s of playground ball spectators embedded in the asphalt, hushed rumors and raucous laughter from block parties, all released into the atmosphere like evaporating water. crack era gunshots, sprinklings of mandarin from the corner take-out, a morphology black music.absorbed in the concrete’s pores, shaving rock through the years like rushing water. i’m sure the boom of concrete history—molecules dispersing and reintegrating—rushing into the abstract roused the entire neighborhood that morning, as it should.


  9. This Sunday!


  10. afrosonics:

    Even when you’re smiling, you remember. And that is what  I call, the connective tissues of the Haiku and the Blues. There’s no solutions with the blues.   You know, my dad told this joke about the first black ariline pilot in America. He said it happened at the end of WW2 (blues). He said that people got on the airplane. Only white folks flying at that time, after WW2, and the cockpit door was open, and they looked in and saw a black man sitting at the controls, right, blues, right. They sat down and start fishing for that little bell, they said, stewardess, stewardess, stewardess, and she came over her name was Mary Jane, and she said,  yes? And they said, is that a negro in the cockpit? Blues, right. And she said, oh, just a minute, ah, just a minute, ah, I’ll go talk to him. And she said Jack… Jack, Jack…. why you leave that door open, people done seen you, and they ready to leave the plane. He said, calm down MaryJane, I’ll go on the intercom and I will talk to them (blues). Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, my name is captain Jack Jones, I am your pilot for this trip to LA. But before we begin let me just tell you just a little bit about myself (blues, right) I’m a graduate of Harvard University, I’m a graduate of Yale University, I’m a graduate of MIT, I’m a graduate of Oxford University, and in WWII I taught all of the pilots how to fly, so if you will just settle down and calm down, I will see, if I can get this big motherfucker off the ground, You know. That’s a Blues. 


  11. "I made a conscious decision to inhabit my own subjectivity in this book in the sense that the middle-class life I live, with my highly educated, professional, and privileged friends, remains as the backdrop for whatever is being foregrounded. Everyone is having a good time together—doing what they do, buying what they can afford, going where they go—until they are not."
  12. anothergracekellyblog:

    Grace Kelly as a Freshman in the 1944 Stevens School Yearbook.

  13. runrunrunning:

    Children playing at the Kelly Playground at 5326 Pulaski Ave in 1958, when the Queen Lane apartments, seen towering in the background and imploded this morning, were still young.

    (Photo courtesy of PhillyHistory.org)

  14. theothergermantown:

    The 3rd annual Germantown show opens at iMPeRFeCT Gallery this Saturday, September 13th and I’m pleased to share that I am a participating artist.

    what an amazing lineup here - 60+ artists!!